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Driving under the influence is taken very seriously by the courts.  Possible sanctions include jail time, large fines, vehicle impoundment, in-home tether, forced alcohol testing and rehabilitation, ignition interlock, and loss of driving privileges.

Do not attempt to represent yourself in a driving under the influence charge.  There are defenses to the charges which will be lost if they are not properly presented.  Even if you are convicted, what you do in the period between arrest and final disposition will affect how serious the consequences will be.

We have represented individuals accused of driving under the influence for a number of years, and have been successful in convincing the court to nullify or minimize the consequences for numerous clients.  Do not play with your future.  If you are accused of driving under the influence, call us immediately.



Traffic violations come with hefty fines and result in points on your driving record.  Too many points can result in a license suspension, revocation, and a driver’s responsibility fee.  Serious traffic offenses can result in loss of other privileges (for example, reckless driving will result in loss of a concealed weapons permit).   The hidden cost of a traffic ticket is the hefty increase you will see in your insurance premium for several years.

We have represented individuals in traffic violation cases for years.  Many times, we have been able to obtain a result in which charges were dismissed or the disposition was not reported to the insurance company as a chargeable violation.  If you get a traffic violation, call us and let us see how we can save you money.


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