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Consumer fraud generally encompasses unfair or deceptive tactics used to illegally lure consumers into buying something. The focus is on goods and services that are defective, fraudulent, misleading, or unsafe.

Companies may use fraud to take advantage of consumers, disguising the nature of what they are really selling or advertising. There are remedies under federal and state consumer protection laws to hold these companies accountable, to attempt to permit the victim of the consumer scam to recover for the loss and, in some cases, to prevent such losses from occurring in the future.

Consumer protection lawsuits cover a broad range of legal issues. Some common forms include:

●          False Advertising

●          Charging Excessive Interest or Fees

●          Sham Services

●          Misrepresentation

●          Bait and Switch

●          Pyramid Schemes/Multi-Level Marketing

If you have been scammed, if you know someone who has been, or if you see an instance of a consumer product or advertisement or service or sales pitch which sounds too good to be true or seems bad, contact Roy, Shecter & Vocht.




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