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Claims Of Fraud Against the Federal Government

Ever since the Civil War, there has been a special statute rewarding those who are the first to reveal detailed evidence of significant fraud by contractors who cheat the United States government. These actions, called Qui Tam litigation under the False Claims Act, require the individual who discovers this wrong-doing to present documents and witnesses to support the claims of the falsity of bills and invoices submitted to the government.

These actions are highly technical, and ultimately a goal is to persuade the U.S. Attorney to pursue the lawsuit. The rewards, if successful, may restore to the government a portion of the amount which the United States lost as a result of the fraud, and reward the whistleblower a portion of the government’s recovery.

By way of example, such matters of fraud may involve unnecessary procedures or failure to perform any services under medicaid/medicare, off-label drug prescriptions, drug company and physician marketing and sales tactics, billed services not performed of any kind by any type of federal contractor, conspiracies, double-dealing, false repairs of equipment, and misrepresentations of fact. Fraudulent activities for which recoveries may be granted are not restricted to the medical field.

Roy, Shecter, & Vocht is experienced in such litigation and, if you have evidence of such fraud, you should not hesitate to contact this law firm to explore the possibility of pursuing an action under the False Claims Act. You should, however, not discuss this possible lawsuit broadly, because the Act rewards the first person to bring the action. Therefore, the Act is structured to reward secrecy as well. You should contact the law firm as quickly as you can, once you are confident you have evidence that there has been a violation of law.




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